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Seanorama SeanGeek and FastFret Fingers are brothers, musicians and friends. Each week they find a new topic to geek out on.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 280 – Parody and Plagiarism in Music

    (00:51) The brothers talk about when you suddenly listen to a song’s lyrics, using Run To The Hills By Iron Maiden and it’s misinterpretation and how it would work in a commercial. (8:04) What did Weird Al’s arrival in music mean, and how much talent did he have, and where does ...


  2. Episode 279 – Banana Masks, Wynston

    (1:11) The boys are back with the continuing story of the FastFret’s stray cat. Did he keep him? Will he name him? Yes he will, at (11:35). (17:31) A couple of stories about the unofficial mascot of the show, Seanorama’s Beagle Luna: her play day and (21:03) the Banana Story. (26:51) FastFret ...


  3. Episode 278 - Auto Wrecking the Creatives, from McFarlane to Blizzard

    (2:04) The boys discuss trips out of the house during COVID, customer realities in this new setting, retail environments, harassment, and people travelling during the pandemic. (12:13) What is happening in schools and what that means to those with kids. (15:05) Major headlines with Blizzard Entertainment launches a whole conversation on wage ...


  4. Episode 277 – Where does the Cat LAN’d a Comic Shop

    Everyone loves cats: Did you tune in last week? What happened to the stray cat FastFret’s found? Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men: Having finished the TV series, the boys discuss the show and Comic Factory IV; how comic book shops are the Cheers for the Geek crowd; what is it about ...


  5. Episode 276 - The Modern Theft in 7 Days of the House of Comics

    The Brothers McGinity are back! FastFret talks about a stray cat , our guest spot on the Reel Debaters with James Beaver, hockey season in August, Snapped, Alien Autopsy and conspiracy videos, FastFret modding cars in Grand Theft Auto V and Smokey and The Bandit, 7 Days To Die PC ...