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Seanorama SeanGeek and FastFret Fingers are brothers, musicians and friends. Each week they find a new topic to geek out on.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 336 – We Get Glorious Purpose From Loki

    Karen is back for Part Two of our episode by episode analysis of Marvel Studios’ Loki. (1:09) We start off with Episode 3 and this is when we get to really meet Sylvie. Who is she, what can she do and what are her plans? We break down the character and ...


  2. Episode 335 – Out of the Dark World of Loki

    Karen is back, FastFret has the night off and we are doing a review and analysis of Loki! (5:43) We start off the show with some talk on Peggy Carter and What If? We introduce today’s topic, Disney+’s Loki and explain why we delayed this episode and what that means to ...


  3. Episode 334 – Keanu Reeves in a Sandbox With Zombies

    (1:08) FastFret Needs a new game to play so we talk World War Z and Left 4 Dead. (And an emergency happens during the introduction – we kept it in). (7:48) We also talk Wrestling and MMA games, including UFC, AEW and WWE. WWE2K16 is broken and SeanGeek explains why. ...


  4. Episode 333 – Halfway To Hell with Expert State of Decay 2 Tips

    (0:31) SeanGeek and FastFret are back from their recording sabbatical. They open with the Space Flights all these rich people are spending big bucks going on. Would you go on that flight? Would it be better with Bezos or Branson’s space flight, or would it be better with NASA? (3:20) Since ...


  5. Episode 332 – We Write Your Soundtrack with Chadwick Ginther

    Chadwick Ginther, author of the Thunder Road Trilogy as well as Graveyard Mind and a host of short stories is back to continue the discussion on Soundtracks! (1:04) We watch a video for Two Minutes Late Night’s Bedroom Cover of Two Minutes to Late Night Transformers. (Watch here: Transformers "The Touch" METAL ...