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Seanorama SeanGeek and FastFret Fingers are brothers, musicians and friends. Each week they find a new topic to geek out on.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 325 – Gods of the Mix Tape and Streaming Music

    (0:46) Jarett Charowsky from Comic Factory IV is back! The brothers play cathcup with him and what has been happening since the last get-together. We talk about getting the vaccine and planning for the second shot, that current state of shutdown and how it’s impacting his business, specifically how it ...


  2. Episode 324 – Social Media Etiquette and the Scots Are All The Rage Rage

    (1:04) Through introductions we cover FastFret’s COVID test, how people use up their vacation time and segue into SeanGeek’s anniversary to his lovely Silver, with some memories of their first date. (7:04) Social Media has created a whole new way to interact with people. Are the rules the same over social ...


  3. Episode 323 – Let’s Go Deep with State of Decay 2

    Now that FastFret and SeanGeek are both playing hours of the multiplatform hit State of Decay 2, we have come upon various tips and tricks, strategies, best practices, and overall understanding of how best to beat the game (over and over again). This game has replayability written all over ...


  4. Episode 322 – Bulletboys, UFC and Multiplatforming State of Decay 2

    (1:06) Introductions, coffee and tea. We talk about George St Pierre, his horrible commercials, and his Marvel Studios career, as well as the UFC. (10:14) We provide some history on the band the Bulletboys, what happened to them between their illustrious debut during the peak of the “hair metal” days, and ...


  5. Episode 321 – What I Didn't Learn From University

    (1:12) Welcome back to the Pandemic. We chat about getting our vaccines and the side effects, added restrictions. We talk SeanGeek’s Livestream with the folks over at Creative Conundrums which you can watch here: Creative Conundrums: (11:24) Was today’s episode inspired by the Scottish Podcast Rage Rage, or ...