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Seanorama SeanGeek and FastFret Fingers are brothers, musicians and friends. Each week they find a new topic to geek out on.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 331 – That Time I Tried To Buy a #1 Music CD

    In this Podbit, SeanGeek goes 1st Season and records from the car. It’s FastFret’s birthday and he is going to buy him Wolfgang Van Halen’s debut, you know the one everyone has been talking about, the one that was #1 in the world. Just how hard is it finding a ...


  2. Episode 330 – Soundtrack Thunder with Chadwick Ginther

    (0:44) Chadwick Ginther, author of the Thunder Road Trilogy and the Graveyard Mind book is back on the show to talk hair care through COVID and COVID caves. (6:28) We get an update on what Chadwick is working on, his recent release (“All Cats Go to Valhalla,” Swashbuckling Cats: ...


  3. Episode 329 – Really Debating Cameron Frye’s Day Off

    We are back for Part Two with Michael Petrow from the Reel Debaters. And we have more Versus for you all. (0:36) Turn Down That Damn Music – Are you the curmudgeonly old neighbor or the trendy hipster? Which side of the fence are YOU on? (15:20) How Many Pillows: Many Pillows ...


  4. Episode 328 – Really Debating Michael Petrow

    (3:40) Michael Petrow from the Reel Debaters returns to the show! We open up with loungewear during the Pandemic, our podcast recording spaces, lightsabers, James Beaver’s secret episodes, and (8:04) how we organize our topics lists for each of our shows. And a congratulations to The Reel Debaters on their ...


  5. Episode 327 – Massaging the Podiant Move

    1:00) Have you ever had a professional massage? The brothers have and they share their experiences on the massage table. What are the therapeutic effects and why should you go and support professional licensed Massage Therapists? Massage is so much more than a physical fine tuning. (20:04) And what about ...