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Seanorama SeanGeek and FastFret Fingers are brothers, musicians and friends. Each week they find a new topic to geek out on.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 315 – The Stroke of Genius with James Beaver (Part Two)

    We continue our interview with James Beaver from Beaver Does Movies. What happened back in England when he became banned (1:55)? Where did he wrestle when he got to Canada (10:08)? What brought him to Winnipeg (12:16), what was the injury that slowed down his career (13:12), and what was ...


  2. Episode 314 – We Just Want to Celebrate with James Beaver (Part One)

    In this two parter we have James Beaver from Beaver Does Movies, talking about his beginnings. (1:58) From the Livestream, SeanGeek and FastFret have invited James Beaver from Beaver Does Movies to celebrate their 5th anniversary of being on the air. (3:21) We begin the interview, with a deep dive, getting to ...


  3. Episode 313 – It’s Shower Curtains For WandaVision

    This week we have CoreyGeek and returning special guest Karen Brizuela. (2:21) FastFret starts the episode off by derailing the entire show by talking about shower curtains. True story. (7:44) The group discusses Marvel Studios’ WandaVision, the style of the release, weekly episodes, watercooler talk, the Mandalorian, and cancel culture. FastFret ...


  4. Episode 312 – Levine Your Royal Bacon Behind

    The brothers talk T-Shirts. (2:24) FastFret loves his bacon and provides some helpful hints to making the perfect bacon. What is your favorite bacon? (10:22) And what is Seanorama wearing? And just what is that red shirt he wears and what does his in-laws call that shirt? (12:21) Adam Levine has ...


  5. Episode 311 – The Radar Detector Detector Detector

    (1:20) Amidst a deep freeze, the boys start the show with some cold problems FastFret had to face during this stretch. (4:57) This follows some FastFret stories about radar detectors and how he became the person that had to drive his work’s projects down to Texas. (9:04) FastFret had to ...