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Seanorama SeanGeek and FastFret Fingers are brothers, musicians and friends. Each week they find a new topic to geek out on.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 321 – What I Didn't Learn From University

    (1:12) Welcome back to the Pandemic. We chat about getting our vaccines and the side effects, added restrictions. We talk SeanGeek’s Livestream with the folks over at Creative Conundrums which you can watch here: Creative Conundrums: (11:24) Was today’s episode inspired by the Scottish Podcast Rage Rage, or ...


  2. Episode 320 – Falcon and Winter Soldier, the Lethal Weapons of the MCU

    Karen is back with the brothers to talk MCU Karen Brizuela is back again for Part Two of discussion and this time we tackle Falcon and The Winter Soldier (1:04) Falcon and the Winter Soldier review. What were our favorite parts of the show? (15:08) and what our thoughts were on ...


  3. Episode 319 – Wanda Know Which Platform Vodka EnVisions?

    We catch up with what Karen has been up to since we last spoke? (1:12) We dive into FastFret’s gaming Headphones, his recent purchase of State of Decay 2, playing cross platform with SeanGeek, and talk about the new Xbox’s and PS5’s. (5:20) What are we drinking? We talk GrapeFruit ...


  4. Episode 318 – Talisman, the Splendor of Delirious Rowdy Grains

    Shane Welin is back and we cover some of our favorite board games including Splendor (1:41), Talisman (4:00), Space Alert and Star Wars Risk (6:40). Excalibur and Captain Britain? Of course we talk about it! (10:47) One of the legendary Keycon moments was the whole grain skit between Shane and SeanGeek. ...


  5. Episode 317 – Cast Iron Reviews, Stand By Your Bacon

    (1:08) This week, we have brought in Shane Welin. Shane once hosted a show called Rum Powered Reviews, which this very Podcast spun out from. Shane is here to talk about his friendship with SeanGeek, and to meet the one and only FastFretFingers. (2:56) We start off with some stories about ...