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Seanorama SeanGeek and FastFret Fingers are brothers, musicians and friends. Each week they find a new topic to geek out on.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 316 – HU SpinKicks 1 Ninja Zelda and Some Wagakki

    With Special guests CoreyGeek (from the Geekspin Podcast) and Thomas Carpenter (from the High Frequency Kicks Podcast). Thomas brings in some new, strange music to our Podcast. You may not have heard of everything we cover in the episode, so check the links to each of the music videos and ...


  2. Episode 315 – The Stroke of Genius with James Beaver (Part Two)

    We continue our interview with James Beaver from Beaver Does Movies. What happened back in England when he became banned (1:55)? Where did he wrestle when he got to Canada (10:08)? What brought him to Winnipeg (12:16), what was the injury that slowed down his career (13:12), and what was ...


  3. Episode 314 – We Just Want to Celebrate with James Beaver (Part One)

    In this two parter we have James Beaver from Beaver Does Movies, talking about his beginnings. (1:58) From the Livestream, SeanGeek and FastFret have invited James Beaver from Beaver Does Movies to celebrate their 5th anniversary of being on the air. (3:21) We begin the interview, with a deep dive, getting to ...


  4. Episode 313 – It’s Shower Curtains For WandaVision

    This week we have CoreyGeek and returning special guest Karen Brizuela. (2:21) FastFret starts the episode off by derailing the entire show by talking about shower curtains. True story. (7:44) The group discusses Marvel Studios’ WandaVision, the style of the release, weekly episodes, watercooler talk, the Mandalorian, and cancel culture. FastFret ...


  5. Episode 312 – Levine Your Royal Bacon Behind

    The brothers talk T-Shirts. (2:24) FastFret loves his bacon and provides some helpful hints to making the perfect bacon. What is your favorite bacon? (10:22) And what is Seanorama wearing? And just what is that red shirt he wears and what does his in-laws call that shirt? (12:21) Adam Levine has ...