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Seanorama SeanGeek and FastFret Fingers are brothers, musicians and friends. Each week they find a new topic to geek out on.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 305 – We Hammer Down on Marvelous Thomas Carpenter

    An old friend of the boys is back on the show. Thomas Carpenter has been friends of the brothers for some time and a very well rounded nerd. Thomas has a passion for martial arts and various styles of it, that he has worked into an amazing Instagram Page and ...


  2. Episode 304 – The Geeks Debate HBO Max and Warner’s Agenda

    (0:40) We open up the show with some talk about Sam Thompson from Witchpolice Radio. (7:28) What do we all think about the Warner Brothers announcement to release all of their content on HBO Max? We discuss the theatre experience in our own homes versus going out to the theatre. How ...


  3. Episode 303 – The Origins of Meet the Debaters

    Michael Petrow from the Real Debaters and CoreyGeek Toews from Meet The Geeks. We open the show with Seanorama’s Espresso story? (2:42) To introduce the two guests to each other, we provide some history on Corey (7:36), and why we wanted Michael on our show (9:03). Michael provides his origin story that ...


  4. Episode 302 – The Scientology of Tom Cruise and His Rant

    We cover nothing. Absolutely nothing! We begin the podcast by forgetting to hit record on the episode. Appropriate lashings occur. We discuss a new jingle for the Podiant group in Winnipeg and Todd’s appearance on Beaver Does Movies. (8:00) Tom Cruise lashes out at a film crew. Let’s discuss! Where does ...


  5. Episode 301 – Pallister’s Going Out Of Business Sale

    This is our post Christmas episode, recorded pre-Christmas. (1:04) We welcome CoreyGeek (Corey Toews) back to the show. Having just finished our 300th episode, we provide a small recap of what happened last episode. (4:06) (5:49) Corey and Seanorama challenge FastFret to watch the first 10 minutes of Wolverine Origins. We get ...