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Seanorama SeanGeek and FastFret Fingers are brothers, musicians and friends. Each week they find a new topic to geek out on.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 300 – Eileen Gould McGinity – Our Mom is back on the show

    Seanorama and FastFret have their mom on the show. Mom talks what it was like once she and Dad took on that first move away from home, where they travelled first to Winnipeg, then Montreal, (then Winnipeg again), Argentina, and Prince Albert. Mom and Dad lived life like a grand ...


  2. Episode 299 – Part Two With Special Guest Eric Senich from DISCovery and the Van Halen News Desk

    We continue with Van Halen talk, discussing the The Vault of unheard Van Halen tracks. Alex Van Halen and his future in the business and Martin Popoff’s theories (author of Van Halen: A Visual Biography (0:40) FastFret and Seanorama tell the Van Halen shuffleboard story. (13:00) What it was like growing up ...


  3. Episode 298 – Part One With Eric Senich from DISCovery and the Van Halen News Desk

    The boys welcome Eric Senich, reporter for the Van Halen News Desk, and host of DISCovery with Erich Senich. (1:32) We talk about FastFret’s Frankenstrat and Seanorama’s recording studio. (3:58) We cover a lot of Van Halen ground, discussing Wolfgang Van Halen’s new song Distance and his prowess as a ...


  4. Episode 297 – CoreyGeek Joins Us For A Game of Mount Rushmore

    The boys welcome back CoreyGeek (Meet The Geeks) to the show. What is up with mini-vans and why are they so funny? (1:52) Corey updates us on what his happening during the lockdown in Manitoba (6:10) and picking up the art of lockpicking. (10:44) Introducing the Mount Rushmore game to the ...


  5. Episode 296 – Wolfgang Busts Out of the Office from Eddie and Roth

    Seanorama and FastFret discuss Wolfgang Van Halen’s first single Distance. (Special thanks to Eric Senich from the Van Halen News Desk for keeping the SeanGeekPodcast in the loop.) (2:38) Here is the article where we saw it as well as the article on the Howard Stern interview with Wolfie. The explosion of ...