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Seanorama SeanGeek and FastFret Fingers are brothers, musicians and friends. Each week they find a new topic to geek out on.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 295 – Remember to Wear Your Flare When You Pee

    Seanorama and FastFret complain about some news this week, rolling into a version of Incorrect Headlines (3:04): - From CBC: Here is the headline we play off of related to Remembrance Day: o What is the difference between Veteran’s Day and Remembrance Day o We fight with Google - From CJOB. We decide to try (and ...


  2. Episode 294 – The Return of Jarett from Comic Factory IV

    The Boys welcome back Jarett Charowsky, owner of Comic Factory IV. Jarett provides updates on the store through COVID. We get Jarett’s take on the changes DC Comics made to their distribution model (8:35). They discuss the economics of collectibles (comics, action figures, and Hot Wheels), what makes something collectible, and what ...


  3. Episode 293 – Consoling Van Gogh During Halloween

    The boys are back, post Halloween. We cover some content from Episode 291 and provide a clarification. (3:21) Seanorama’s daughter makes her appearance and we offer some updates with her. (9:49) The boys review WHY the band. (12:36) And they talk about Halloween and COVID. (14:04) The brothers dig deep on Video ...


  4. Episode 292 – David Anton Interview and World Premiere

    Seanorama and FastFretFingers welcome David Anton to the show. David is an interesting character, with some interesting music and a unique perspective on things. Join us on this journey with the musician and writer. You can follow David Anton here: And here: @CthulhuCraftian on Twitter on facebook Website: ToddGeek: Meet The Geeks: @seangeekpodcast ...


  5. Episode 291 – Lucifer Watches the Boys’ Umbrella

    Seanorama flies solo in this studio episode with his youngest daughter Elly as a special guest. He talks The Boys (3:12), Lucifer (5:01), Watchmen (5:49), Umbrella Academy (8:43), all while ruminating on how COVID and working from home has enabled him to turn up his geek. And this brings up, after ...