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Seanorama SeanGeek and FastFret Fingers are brothers, musicians and friends. Each week they find a new topic to geek out on.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 290 – WHY’s Waldo on a Banana Seat

    Twitter is down and Trump is saying silly things again. (3:00) Throwing aside the American political, the boys reminisce about the great debates of their youth, particularly Banana Seat versus BMX bikes. (7:12) Through some bad Acadian accents, they move onto FastFret moving up to dirt bikes and the race track in ...


  2. Episode 289 – Podiant Talk and Edward Van Halen

    The show goes old school as Seanorama is on the road calling into the studio. The show has made a change over to Podiant. The boys discuss the pros and cons, what to look for when starting your own podcast. (22:04) The show continues post massage, to talk about Eddie Van ...


  3. Episode 288 – RPG Podcasting from the Manitoba Podcast Festival

    The team of the SeanGeek Podcast hosted the D&D Podcasting Panel at the Manitoba Podcast Festival and it is here on our Podcast! We hosted a panel on creating your very own Role Playing Podcast with the creative talents of Kevin Doc Wilson and Toni Stark of Creative Conundrums fame (with ...


  4. Episode 287 – September Struggles While Disney+ Hoodwinks

    On The Road Episode! Because you have asked for it, Seanorama is on the road. And to prove how dynamic the show can be in this format, two incidents happen during the Podcast at (8:44) and (13:36). We provide a Manitoba Podcast Festival update (this was recorded between Day one and ...


  5. Episode 286 – Take It Off, Threatin’ing Kiss

    Today’s episode was recorded from Silver Moon Salon. (1:00). Because you have asked for it, we provide updates on FastFret’s cat Wynston’s surgery and his recovery. (5:01) Did you know you can play with a member of Kiss and post those videos online? But can you? Should you? During a recent rabbit ...