Episode 345

Episode 345 – Robin Colored Eminems Charge my Northern Lights

(2:00) The boys talk sidekicks, rap and Eminem’s Robin.

(4:54) Do you like coffee? We do some investigation into the

top three brands and whether they are Canadian, giving our vote on our favorite.

Somehow that talk blends in with potato chips, bubble gum and caviar. And lots

of candy!

(21:38) Why are there so many different charging cables and

what is the European Union going to do about it? Is Apple getting nervous? This

takes us down a rabbit hole of companies obsoleting their product ON PURPOSE.

We talk video game systems, phones, and proprietary properties.

(39:31) The boys compare and contrast the various charity

supergroups that exploded during the 80’s such as Band Aid, USA for Africa, Northern

Lights and Hear N Aid. We break down each of them, talk about who was involved,

who wrote what and ultimately which was the better representation of music and

which organization handled their funds the best.

Shout out to MB Moneyshot and Witchpolice.

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Hi, I am Sean "SeanGeek" McGinity. And I am a geek. For me, the definition of the word geek comes from liking something so much, that I deep dive into it. Not just consuming it... but becoming it. I "geek out". Everything started with comics. I read them and studied them with a fine eye, and then started making my own. Since then, I have "geeked out" on movies (Star Wars The Evil WIthin, Hurt), music writing, recording, and performing (The Classic Embers and Dome), writing (the Symka comic and the upcoming Intuitives novel), and now... this Podcast.
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Hey guys, SeanGeek here. Just to be clear, this is me geeking out on Todd "FastFretFingers" McGinity here. Todd is the GOAT. My brother is an established musician, mastering the Fretboard with a blistering discipline. If there was a guitar style, tone, pitch... Todd would find a way to replicate it. From his early days mastering Van Halen and Rush, his musical palate has expanded with forays into classical and flamenco, hard rock, blues and pop. From live performances to learning the recording process, when it comes to music, he has done it all.