Episode 389

Episode 389 – Wolverine, Your Virtual Tobacco in 3D

FastFret is back! And we open with a new purchase Todd made: VR Oculus Goggles! (1:20) And as always, there is story behind the purchase. We talk all about VR and Viewfinders. The discussion goes into the advent of new technologies, like personal computers, holograms, and how that rings in to the future of Virtual Reality. And what does this have to do with Fried Clams?

(23:01) When did tobacco enter into ratings for movies and video games? We discuss tobacco ads on TV and in print, and how it is viewed in mainstream medias. And how has it affected Wolverine as a character? We give some history into the character, his origins, and just who was he based on (hint: it was both Clint Eastwood and Paul Damato) and why he stopped smoking and drinking. We explain his healing factor, adamantium poisoning, Old Man Logan, personal hygiene, his height and appearance, body hair, love life, being Canadian, John Byrne, first appearance, the X-Men. We also dive into the Marvel Method, storytelling techniques on the comics page and VR. We also discuss the current wave of audiobooks.

(57:36) What happened to 3D? Are 3D TV’s still a thing. We talk 3D, fake Imax, 4K, 8K, and Avatar. And how does Avatar, food, and coffee apply to the cross platform debate? Whatever happened to that customer that wanted a Starbucks specialty coffee from a regular coffee shop? And we end things on Beatniks and Hipsters.

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