Episode 401

Episode 401 – When Chadwick Ginther Comes Looking for You

It has been 10 years since the Thunder Road novel came out and Chadwick is back with a new book set in the Thunder Road world, gathering 10 short stories set in the Thunder Road world. We discuss how this came about, writing stories not from Ted Callan’s perspective, the music of the book and its influence, reading it separate from the trilogy, and additional characters from the trilogy. We also tap into Graveyard Mind, the first book in another series by Chadwick, how it would work in a gaming setting and the future of the series. We discuss the Savage Worlds Gaming System, Microscope Game, and Clare C Marshall’s YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/c/ClareMarshall

The book launched at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg. You can listen to the whole thing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdlvyvFUWLU

We also discuss comic books: scripting for comics, artists, different writing styles, and Marvel Comics.

Check up on all things Chadwick over at his website: https://chadwickginther.com/

McNally Robinson is the premiere bookseller in Canada and where you should support your favourite authors. You can visit them here: https://www.mcnallyrobinson.com/

And finally, Chadwick’s publisher is Ravenstone Press (an imprint of Turnstone Press): https://www.turnstonepress.com/books/ravenstone.html

We play several music clips throughout the episode. Music is a key component of Chadwick’s writing. Because I want you to go find the music that inspires his series, here are some of the key songs of Thunder Road.

Black Shuck

The Darkness

Composed by 

J. Graham

Dan Hawkins

Justin Hawkins

Frankie Poullain

Release Year   2003

Thunder Road

Mary Lou Ford

Composed by 

Bruce Springsteen

Release Year   1973

Tombstone Blues

Bob Dylan

Composed by 

Bob Dylan

Release Year   1965

At the Hundredth Meridian

The Tragically Hip

Composed by 

Gord Downie

The Tragically Hip

Release Year   1992

Back in Black


Composed by 

Brian Johnson

Angus Young

Malcolm Young

Release Year   1980

When the Sky Comes Looking for You


Release Year   1997

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