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Episode 336 – We Get Glorious Purpose From Loki

SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast
Episode 336 – We Get Glorious Purpose From Loki

Karen is back for Part Two of our episode by episode analysis of Marvel Studios’ Loki.

(1:09) We start off with Episode 3 and this is when we get to really meet Sylvie. Who is she, what can she do and what are her plans? We break down the character and her beats and her interaction with Loki.

(3:24) Comparisons to Logan’s Run and the mad dance on the train. They talk about their mothers and we really get inside both of their heads. The Time Loop and we get to see Sif again! There are some great interactions with Mobius and he leans the truth. And we see that moment that Loki and Sylvie fall in love, and just what does that mean.

(16:28) Episode 5 really shows off Loki’s glorious purpose and we get to meet many more variant Lokis. There is so much to see in this episode, and we learn how Classic Loki’s history might teach how the present tense Loki might still be alive.

(26:24) Doom? We really wanted it here but we get something different in Episode 6. We finally meet Kang, or at least a variant of him. Just what does this mean to the series, and to the MCU?

(30:56) We lead into the next several MCU Releases and what Loki means to what comes next. How has the storytelling changed going into this phase? (47:28) We also talk some DCEU, including Flashpoint, Ben Affleck, Robert Pattinson and Michael Keaton.

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