My Background


Born and raised in small town Shediac in New Brunswick, my parents and family reared me on music and creativity. I was given every opportunity to harvest my imagination. Meshed with a healthy diet of comic books, movies, and records, I wrote and drew my first comic book when I was 4 years old and wrote my first song at 13 . Since then, I've been lucky enough to pursue many creative outlets. I wasn't until I met my wife Silvy that I was able to feel fully comfortable in that creative skin. I became a husband and a father and found a deeper passion.

Why I am here?


I have been privileged enough to try many things over the years. Primarily, I wanted a central place where people could go to find my work, instead of having everything scattered all over the Web. I also wanted a place I could post new work, and keep people updated on new and upcoming projects I was working on.


I am a writer --- or Something

 Over the years, I have created hundreds of characters and crafted dozens of stories. With a background writing novels, movie scripts, music and a host of other creative ventures, I am always trying to stretch my craft.

I found my beginnings in comic books. At 4 years old, my writing was very rudimentary so I used illustrations and a small amount of words to tell my stories. As I became older, the illustrations became more complex, as did the scope of the stories.

What began as stories about my favourite superheroes quickly shifted to my own creations until I purged all reference to Superman, Batman and Spider-Man.

Although I still had a deep affectation for comic books, my teenage years saw a shift from comics to prose. I was writing without the illustrations. Students in my school were paying for me to write stories!

I also finally received "the gift" from my dad. As he had done previously with my brother Todd a few years earlier, I was officially entered into the musical side of the family with my very own drum kit. I studied at the altar of Eric Carr and soon was good enough behind the kit to start composing my own music. I wrote three albums worth of material eager to ply those songs in with a band.

During university I set work on getting a band and found the perfect match with Dan Saltel. Salty Bear was born and a true music writing education began.

Also during this time, I began work on my first real novel, which became "I'm A Writer Or Something". I followed that with several other novels over the years.