Return for Refund Where Applicable

My first real foray into film was during university. I produced, wrote, acted in, and directed the short film Return for Refund Where Applicable. With just my brother Todd and I on set sharing all of the work, I wrote a piece about the descent into alcoholism.


Star Wars The Evil Within

My first audition nailed me a significant part in the Star Wars fan film The Evil Within. My role of Captain Anders blossomed on set into additional cameo roles in multiple scenes, lots of behind the scenes work, including leading some table readings, assistant director duties, and set building.



Steven K Johnson had a vision for a movie that showed the complexities of relationship gone horribly wrong.

My Take on the Material

Steven had a vision for what he wanted. Together we worked out the script that would rely on a lot of symbolism and metaphors.

The Shoot

With the script done, casting was underway. We were making this thing in a very gorilla way, shooting over two weekends, with much of the shooting done around the clock.