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RELEASED EVERY MONDAY MORNING AT 5AM - SeanGeek is the podcast to listen to to get your inside track on Geek Culture. And host Seanorama has the credentials: Not only is he a writer of comics, games, novels, music, and board games, he is also one of the stars of Meet The Geeks, a video game junkie, and forever ago lost down the rabbit hole of comic books.

Seanorama is most often joined by his brother, the inestimable Todd FastFretFingers, a tech head, guitar player, bass player, studio wizard and fellow video game junkie. Digging into their vast network of Geeks, the show shares airtime with others Geeks, including CoreyGeek (Corey Toews, creator the Meet The Geeks webcomic) and Tracy Leith (from VoicesbyTracy).

The show's charm is in it's rawness. As fathers, free time and sleep are prohibitive, and as such, the show is often recorded on the road. Bad traffic, erratic drivers and getting lost are the background action to their discussions about Geek culture. The podcast is unrehearsed, unedited and raw, just like real life is supposed to be.

Sean and Todd McGinity in the studio.
Todd and Sean McGinity, podcast and musical brothers, on Geek Culture on the SeanGeek Podcast.

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