The Classic Embers - Classic Rock Music

Brian McGinity, Bayne Robertson, Sean McGinity, Richard Brasher, Todd McGinity

The Original Lineup

This was the "classic" musical lineup of the band:  Brian McGinity (bass), Bayne Robertson (guitar), Sean McGinity (vocals), Richard Brasher (drums), Todd McGinity (lead guitar). Ever the nerd, I used to sport the official Symka T-Shirt on stage.


Favourite Show

This is likely our best show. Performing for this crowd was magic. We were so spot on, our music had a lot of energy, and the dance floor was rocking all night long. Out in Falcon Lake.


Final Lineup

During my tenure in the band, I would switch out to drums, sharing vocals with Bayne and Roger. Performing behind a kit and singing bought a different sound to the music.

Classic Embers Music Live in Falcon Lake